Neil Humphrey J.P. Presents Court Law

Neil Humphrey J.P.

Television presenter/writer/producer for Legal TV
(SKY channel 186) on the sentencing options available to magistrates
that an individual could expect to receive for the committal of a crime.

A surprisingly gregarious and personable character despite the serious nature of my work. Flexible individual who is adaptable to new challenges.

Presenter/writer/producer for a mini series on Legal TV (SKY
Channel 186) looking at the sentences a person is likely to receive
when dealt with at the magistrates court.
Magistrate for 10 years.
Specialist area of Law – Adult and Youth Crime
Partner in a criminal law website
Management Consultant on IT Systems for Justice Agencies including The Metropolitan Police, Financial Services Authority and H.M. Court Service.
Karate (Current holder of Black Belt)
Jiujitsu  (Current holder of 6th Kyu belt)
Salsa Dancing
Law – Justice of the Peace since 1997

Magistrate for 10 years dealing with criminal cases from Murder
and Rape to minor traffic offences. Specialist in Youth crime
dealing with crimes which would have been sent to a Crown Court had
the offender been an adult.
Conceived and formulated a criminal law web site that takes all
criminal law court sentencing and puts it into a simplified format for
members of the public. Working with 3 other partners in the creation
and promotion of the web site which now has over 1100 hits per day
(33,000 per month).
Management Consultant on IT systems for Justice Agencies
including the Metropolitan Police where I successfully renegotiated a
£40 million contract for the provision of the Crime Reporting System
utilised by the Metropolitan Police and surrounding counties.
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