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Legal TV features a wide and diverse range of programs that span across entertainment, documentaries, legal advice and interactive shows.
Many of the shows are produced in-house at the state of the art studios, but legal TV also prides itself on having the rights to broadcast granda's legendary Crown Court series, MDA, the Emmy nominated Australian drama, cult day time American court room reality series Eye For An Eye and revealing Crime Files: Cold Case Edition.
This exiting array of the law related programs makes legal TV uniquely entertaining.
Legal TV is at the forefront of new media technology, it's web based service offers viewers an interactive opportunity to watch programs on the internet.
In the first 7 days of reporting BARB suggests Legal TV has achieved:

  • An average viewing occasion of 27 minutes.
  • A higher peak ABC1 Ad profile of 67%

This performance is considerably higher than any of its nearest EPG competitors including Five Life, ITV2+1 and ITV£+1

Legal TV Programming.
Crown Court: Legal TV's crown jewel.
Legal TV is broadcasting Crown Court the legendary daytime drama from the 1970's. All 800 episodes of the show will be aired on a daily basis, with the prosecution, defense and verdict of two cases being shown each week, as well as an Omnibus edition aired on Sundays.

Legal TV’s new existing shows:

People’s Court
Legal TV is airing a unique and controversial new series following people as the go in and come out of courtroom.

It is still illegal in the UK to film inside a court, but Legal TV is doing next best thing- filming people before and after their court case (assuming that is they do leave court through the front door…). As well as catching their initial anxiety before they go into the courtroom, the show speaks with them as they leave and share their experiences and thoughts on the outcome and possible sentence.

Clime file special- Sue Sgambati
Veteran journalist and producer Sue Sgambati re-visits some on North Americas Unsolved Mysteries. Forensic Experts, Criminal Profile, lead investigation and victim’s families join Sue.

Eye for an Eye:
In the newest twist on popular courtroom drama, Kato Kaelin hosts this modern take on the criminal justice system. Ach week, new cases are tried before Judge Extreme Akim. Fed up with the seemingly hopeless court system, people are demanding that the punishment fits the crime.

Programming also includes…
Your Law- Interview show
MDA- Drama Starting Jason Donovan
Redline- Magazine Show
Court in the Act- Analyzing bizarre court cases.


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