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Crown Court Stages a Comeback

Let Crown Court Christmas Special accompany you during this festive season. Broadcast at 16:00 hours on 25, 27, 29 Dec. Stay tune to this classic special.


Somebody said the butler did it.  But then, somebody always does.  This trial seeks to find the truth behind the slaying  -  with a Chinese dagger  -  of Stanley, son of Sir Martin Esham of Wretching Hall.  Detective Inspector Sampson was about to enjoy his Christmas dinner when he was called to Wretching.  There he found the body of Sir Stanley slumped over a desk in the library, a dagger in his back.  All the residents of The Hall are suspects.  Why did some play Scrabble all through the night of the murder?  Was the killer a jealous lover?  Or who...?

2 Oct 2006

Honor Blackman dons the silks

'Crown Court' returns to TV screens

Legendary daytime drama back on Sky 885

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LegalTV, the law firm in your living room , is today excited to announce the return of Crown Court , the legendary courtroom drama that ran for 14 years on ITV. The show is part of an excellent new autumn programming schedule on LegalTV, which is freely available on Sky channel 885.

Crown Court returns after 20 years away from our screens, and will undoubtedly be as popular now as it was then. Its appeal spanned all generations and genres, and was largely a result of the controversial subject areas and 'real' jury, made up exclusively of members of the public. They alone decided the outcome of each case at Fulchester Crown Court, and it was this unscripted ending which made the show so realistic and addictive.

The intervening years have also been kind to many of the then aspiring cast, which included Ben Kingsley, Juliet Stevenson, Nigel Havers, Mark McManus, Vivien Merchant, and Oscar winner Brenda Fricker. Their appearances in Crown Court are testimony to the quality of acting that made the show so popular. The return of over 800 episodes on LegalTV provides another opportunity to admire the talents which subsquently contributed to them becoming household names.

Simon Haveland, Head of Production at LegalTV, said: "I remember watching the original shows while 'sick' from school. The storylines were so addictive that I often tried to extend my illness for the rest of the week to see the outcome. My Nan used to love the show too, which wasn't very cool from my perspective, but looking back it was incredibly clever that they managed to appeal to such a wide audience. We know that attraction is still there.

"When LegalTV first discussed the idea of bringing the show back there was real energy and enthusiasm within the team. Naturally we were therefore delighted to secure the contract to air all 800 shows. It fits neatly with the autumn programming schedule and will form the cornerstone of our offering to the public here on LegalTV."

The prosecution will open for the first case at 9.00am on Monday October 2 nd on LegalTV. The defence and outcome will follow at the same time on Tuesday and Wednesday. In total six shows be featured each weekday, with a weekly omnibus on Sunday.


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